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Best of News this Week!!

We are so super excited! This week we are painting a beautiful, summery, and delicious beachy design at Paint-N-Pho in East Hartford, CT. Here is your next MASTERPIECE:

We also will be sitting down with Tien, our beautiful sponsor for Saturday mornings, and owner of Pho House, LLC in East Hartford, CT., to talk about her story, her amazing restaurant, and how she managed to stay put through this pandemic era and thrive her business.

Just how are we getting these tidbits to you? GREAT QUESTION!!! Tien will be our first video on Nina's Paint Nite YouTube channel, premiering THIS week. We'll have more details on this awesomeness later on in the week, so STAY TUNED!

This is a LOT! We are just blessed with new beginnings lately and so grateful to be able to share them with you all.

Why don't you come out and paint with us this Saturday morning at the PHO HOUSE? Trust me, you will make a PERFECT piece of Art, because, well....IT'S YOUR'S!!

Book today at, and use PROMO CODE: PHOSUMMER to receive an awesome discount.

Hope to see you there, and that you have a beautiful week.

All the best,


Nina's Paint Nite

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