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New Beginnings

It feels like a rebirth.

Navigating in this universe, and through all the turmoil around us isn't easy. I guess I always saw owning my own business as a far-fetched dream. In the last few week's we have even had some setbacks - moments where I wondered what the point was of working so hard...sometimes with customers canceling, and life happening. SMH!!!

I, being this constant WIP (work in progress - like many of my paintings), am starting to realize that each chapter has more flexibility than I've been giving it credit for.

I'm learning that, yes, some situations have no solution I'd be happy about. But...the ones I can shine bright with abundance on are pretty darn flexible and attainable.

Fellow artist, I have no more experience in any of this than the brush on my hand and the dream in my heart. I will give you my all every time, and will strive to meet every expectation of yours.

I'm excited for this venture. And I'm excited to create with YOU!

Welcome to Nina's Paint Nite!!

Photo by: Jose Figueroa

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